How to claim your Zest for Life Rewards

  1. Buy any promotional pack of Seven Seas JointCare®
  2. Find your code printed inside the carton (Starting with ZP)
  3. Register your details
  4. Enter the code, earn and collect Zest for Life Points and then claim your rewards.

Simple as that.

So, reward yourself for taking steps towards a healthy routine…

…every time you buy Seven Seas JointCare®, we give you Zest for Life Points which can be swapped for Rewards. To claim your Zest for Life Points, just login or sign up and enter the code from the pack in the space at the top of this page.

Quick Rewards

For just a few Zest For Life Points, we've got little treats you'll love...

Featured Rewards

Save your Zest For Life Points up for our bigger Rewards and spoil yourself!

Earn Zest for Life Points

Find out how you can earn Zest for Life Points — and start saving for your Rewards!


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